Commission Rebates up to 60%


How About Buying A Home and Getting Paid Part of the Agents Commission? - Sounds Good Right?

We offer several plans with varying levels of rebate & services provided.  You can receive 15%-60% of our Buyers Agent commission when you purchase your home through 123 REALTORS® .  This could equal a real estate commission rebate of up to 1% or 2% of the purchase price of your new home.

If You're Buying Anyway, Why Not Get Paid Back?

We've been doing Real Estate Buyer Commission Rebates* in NJ for years and are familiar with the legal requirements to offer them.  For specific details on commission rebate plans and New Jersey areas serviced, please complete the form below or contact Robert Bornstein, Broker at 732-341-8840 ext 1.

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*Consult a tax adviser about any tax implications

of receiving the rebate

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